Diploma in Theology (DTh)

This is a preparatory course to prepare the students for Bachelors Degree in Theology. The course duration is 2 years (4 semesters) Pre-Degree (Plus Two or equivalent) pass is the eligibility condition for admission to the diploma course. The course introduces the fundamental concepts of Philosophy and Theology. The Greek Philosophy, Scholastic Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Indian Philosophy, Modern and contemporary Philosophy are introduced in this course. The traditional dictum that Philosophy is the handmaid of Theology is esteemed in this approach.

General Syllabus of the Diploma Corse in Theology

The diploma course is the introductory course in theology. It introduces the students to the various branches of theology with special attention to the Sacred Scripture. The course could be completed with the minimum duration of two semesters and the maximum of four semesters.

Paper I: The Revealing God
01. Introduction to Theology
02. HistoryofTheology
03. Divine Revelation in Bible and Tradition
04. Sacred Scripture (Pentateuch)
05. Church History (Arrival of St. Thomas, Life and Rituals of St. Thomas Christians

Paper II: Church and Theology
06. Word of God (Creation Narratives, Paradise, Fall)
07. Canon Law (CIC and CCEO, Canons on Sacraments)
08. Fundamental Theology (Ecclesiology)
09. Moral Theology (Christian Morality, Conscience, Sin)

Paper III: Growing Faith
10. Holy Scripture (Synoptic Gospels, Prophets)
11. Dogmatic Theology (Holy Trinity, Christo logy)
12. Moral Theology (Christian Social teachings)

Paper IV: On the Path of Salvation
13. Holy Scripture (The Gospel of John)
14. Dogmatic Theology (Eschatology, Mariology)
15. Canon Law (Canons on Parish and Marriage)
16. Liturgy (Formation of Liturgy, Liturgy of Hours, Liturgical year)
17. Church History (Persecution and freedom of the early Church)

Paper V: Christian Life
18. Sacred Scripture (Wisdom Literature, Pauline Letters)
19. Liturgy (Fundamentals of Latin, Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara Liturgy)
20. Church History (Indian Church History, History of the Church)

Paper VI: Old Testament Theology
21. Introduction to Pentateuch
22. Jewish Feasts and sacrifices
23. Jewish History of Salvation
24. Women in the Bible
25. Prophetic literature in Bible
26. Wisdom Literature
27. Biblical Poetry-Psalms

Paper VII: NewTestamentTheology
28. Synoptic Gospels
29. Gospel of John
30. Acts of the Apostles
31. Pauline Letters
32. Letter to the Hebrews
33. Universal Letters
34. Book of Revelation


Part I

  1. Introduction to Theology
  2. Introduction to Bible
  3. Indian Church History
  4. Theology of Pentateuch
  5. Assignment : Towards A Synodal Church : Synodality and its implications
  6. Theological Methodology

Part II

  1. Canon Law
  2. Moral Theology
  3. Christology
  4. Eschatology
  5. Gospel of Luke
  6. Gospel of Mathew


  1. John
  2. Liturgy
  3. Ecclesiology
  4. Mark
  5. Book of Revelation
  6. Prophetic Literature

Part IV

  1. Mariology
  2. Trinity
  3. St. Paul
  4. Sacramental Theology
  5. Thesis




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Duration : 6 Months
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