Online MCQ Examination

Mon, 03 Apr 2023

The Procedures for Online Exam:

1. Log in to our website ( – Student Login) with your REGISTER NUMBER AND PASSWORD is alpha.
2. Click on the Link L M S
3. Select ONLINE EXAMS (Choose your Subject and Language)- Click WRITE.
You can see the question number starting from 1-100
4. Click on the right answer and save the answer by clicking SAVE button
5. For the next question you have to click the QUESTION NUMBER.
6. Finish your exams before the time ends to 40 MINUTES
7. It is possible to write an online exam for a subject only once.

Exam Dates:
Supplementary: April 10 – April 23 - 2023
Semester Exam : May 5 – May 25 - 2023

• Model Question is not available for MCQ Exams.